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air filter oil?

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  • air filter oil?

    sorry to keep posting questions... but i have an airfilter, and i dont know what the deal is with the air filter oil and how its used, please someone telll me why i need oil for my airfilter and how i apply the stuff.

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    NO WORRIES about questions man, everyone learns new stuff all the time. Better to ask then not and screw it up!

    Go to a motorcycle shop. Get a spray can of filter oil (K&N or UNI or any other brand) and simply spray it lightly on the filter from the outside. Its pretty simple actually, just dont soak it.. lightly spray the filter with oil.

    Clean it once a month ( or more depending on your riding conditions) with carb cleaner, gas or other solvent, and rinse it from the outside in. Re-oil after each cleaning.


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      K & N sells the whole clean and re-oil kit in one. It comes with a cleaner that you spray into the air filter, let it soak for a while and then rinse with water inside out. Then you get the oil spray bottle and lightly spray the filter with oil. Just another option for you in case you wanted an all in one thang!!!!

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