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d@mn carburetor (HE23HP) HELP!!!

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  • d@mn carburetor (HE23HP) HELP!!!

    what should my carb settings be on my HE23HP carb? (same carb that comes on the G230RC). and shoudl gas fill the prime bubble all the way when im takin the back wheel off the ground and full throttleing it or should it be fillin it up half way? thanx in adv.
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    First make shure there is no pressuer in your tank. Push the primer down 4-5 times. Put your carb settings to one and a quarter out. Go cruz around the blok intill its nice and warmend up. Stand on your ped and turn the low settings out intil it just barly idles with you on it. JJust tune the topend into you great top rpm but dont hold it WOT for very long
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