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perfect carb setings!!????

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  • perfect carb setings!!????

    what r the PERFECT carb settings for my HE23HP so i wont be BOGGING out, my engine wont flood, and ill get the most topspeed out of it? which settings r perfect!!!!!!?????
    red sport, HE23HP engine, ECC pipe, air filter, .800 longdrive w/ 3rd bearing, BEADLOCK...ALL SPEED!
    (selling pipe...if anyone wants to buy it IM me on STiLLBaLLiN937 on AIM. good pipe..adds ALOT of torque and insane powerband)

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    Perfect Carb Settings?

    Ok let me tell you that there are NO perfect carb settings that are permanent. Every adjustable carb will perform differently when the temprature, and weather change (gas too)

    You will find a very close setting that you can deviate slightly from, but again, theres no perfect permanent setting.

    There is also no perfect setting we can tell you such as 1.25 turns out on the high speed needle. Why? Because your motor, temprature, fuel, exhaust are different from mine. I can tell you where to start, but you have to tune it to your motor and current situation.

    So, start with the High Speed Needle at 1.5 turns out and tune, and the low speed needle at 1.25 turns out and tune.

    Thats really about the best anyone can do for you.