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ADA New Idea!!!READ!!!!!!Come on PEople

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  • ADA New Idea!!!READ!!!!!!Come on PEople

    ADA you should combine a superior bbk and a headkit with it on top so you would have the superior cylinder and a shell on top. PLus For the compresion domes you shoul make different types EX: 13:1
    13:1 2mm
    14:1 2mm
    And so on and so on. So i hope you will take this idea. My friends all want this and i bet it will blow the roof.
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    Maybe you should visit here more often and read the threads, they are doing it, or at least planning it, so just hang in there and they will be available some time in the future.
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      Yea there working on it. BUt could you guys make some huge cooling shells like you did a long time ago? Those things wree great
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