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did i screw up?

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  • did i screw up?

    i wanna know if i screwed up. i was thinkin of buying the G230RC or the HE23HP and i ended up buying the HP. did i make a mistake or should i have bought the RC instead? I REALLY NEED TO KNOW! thanx in ADVANCED!
    red sport, HE23HP engine, ECC pipe, air filter, .800 longdrive w/ 3rd bearing, BEADLOCK...ALL SPEED!
    (selling pipe...if anyone wants to buy it IM me on STiLLBaLLiN937 on AIM. good pipe..adds ALOT of torque and insane powerband)

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    i ordered a ORC and i would never get a Hp
    yellow sport with ada series 1, ada HP carb, ada superior carbon air filter, red scooterpros coolhead,


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      What makes you think that you have screwed up? The HP is every bit as good as the brand Z, and you even saved some money for performance parts.


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        My opinion...You paid less for better quality. You should pat yourself on the back.
        Ada All the way.


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          Originally posted by Slimcandy428
          You should pat yourself on the back.
          I would agree, but its kinda funny seeing someone trying to pat themselves on the back...
          2002 Sport with Diamond Plate deck, ADA billet Throttle and brake levers, 5" Monster Tach with shift light" yea, it works too" Billet gas cap, 900. Black Magik Spindle with ADA 3rd Bearing Support, Chrome Fancover, ADA Solid Bead Lock and ADA solid front Rim, Ported Big Bore and 1MM Stroked G230RC, with a Kool Head and an Engine Trix Pipe.


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            Yea the Hp is supposed to have better port timming than brand z.
            Modded out Super x ped, G2d xped,
            Modded out Yamaha wave blaster, and a Stock Yamaha wave raider.
            Ride Yamaha