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So Exactly What the Hell Happened To The Billetboard? See Here.

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  • So Exactly What the Hell Happened To The Billetboard? See Here.

    Alright, we experienced multiple problems with our bulletin board software when we exceeded disk space and this corrupted the BB. Me and ADABRooks have spent the last many days troubleshooting and trying to fix it. Unfortunately, all that we were able to save were the users. So it's time to start creating some new posts...

    Tell your friends, tell your grandma, tell someone. The BilletBoard Lives.
    "Nobody calls me Lebowski. You got the wrong guy. I'm the Dude, man."

  • #2
    alright i see, do you guys need any Moderators, if so, i am available and will gladly accept the job
    [email protected]
    100% A - m - e - r - i - c - a - n -~- M - u - s - c - l - e
    2002 Super X Ped w/
    -G230RC, BBK, Meyer 1mm Stroker, ADA S1, TGN chrome fancover/scoop, tgn chrome shroud, tgn flame filter, HP Carb(Wa 167), .800 long drive, ADA Chrome 3rd bearing, ET Stem, ADA 16" Bars, Chrome Slidetube, Steel FTG, Lexan Deck, GetAPed Red Tank skin, Competitor rims


    • #3
      yeah do u i'll be one if u guys need some
      Last edited by nypedder; 03-19-2003, 04:34 PM.
      2001 sport
      ada filter
      jetpro pipe
      .850 spindle
      pps performance billet deck
      billet gas cap
      neoprene gas tank cover


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        Well guys THANKS for hanging in there and rebuilding the board...

        I'll contribute as best as I can to keep this THE place for hot info and good scooting topics!


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          I'll be glad to be a moderator too!
          Blinged out Super Sport too many mods
          Q-Can For Sale PM me warp99 at GPN


          • #6
            i have lots of experience with moderation to


            • #7
              please don't ask me to moderate, I don't have experience.
              Creator of the "pHaT-BOY" race pipe silencer!


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                Hey everyone, its been along time since ive posted a message. The new ada site as well as the bb looks great! you can expect upcoming pictures of my ped soon!

                2002 Blue Modifies Geo Sport
                Engine Trix Gas Tank cover
                .800 spindle
                Blue HydroTurf
                and more to come....
                Blue 2002 Modifed Geo Sport
                Blue HyrdroTurf
                Engine Trix Gas Tank cover
                ADA .800 Spindle
                and more to come


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                  Woohoo...first post
                  1999 Burgundy Eclipse GSX.


                  • #10
                    AHHH Great to be home!

                    Ps I like the Color scheme.
                    Last edited by Slimcandy428; 03-19-2003, 05:39 PM.
                    Ada All the way.


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                      Glad this board is back up and going stronger than ever. I hear some VERY interesting things are about to Shake up the scooter world

                      I also like the color scheme. Blue is my favorite color, but between GPN and the SF site I was ready to blue chunks.
                      Sheriff Jon

                      Have Shovel....Will Travel
                      ___COAST PED___


                      • #12
                        Finally, I thought I was blocked from the Billet Board.
                        BIG BOYZ RULE


                        • #13
                          i would love to be a moderator except for the fact i have no clue what to do....but i love this place!
                          AiM: Sir Chinkal0t
                          Geo X Ped w/ xt pipe, kn filter, hp carb, .750 spindle, and a tank relocator. selling for $500+shipping

                          soon to have an x ped...


                          • #14
                            I wouldn't mind being a mod, as I am one on GPN so I have experience...
                            ~BilletBoard Veteran since December 2001~
                            *Long live ADA*


                            • #15

                              I don't need any moderators! I don't know what made anyone think I didn't already have any. Got the same 3 I've had for awhile and they do a great job. Too many mods = too many problems.
                              Brooks @ ADA Racing
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