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look.... carb...settings..screws...defective?

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    HEy you should know on a 603 the low means u slow the idle and when un screw it u fastn the idle. its the oppisite on the High or H

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  • Brooks
    No, it not a defective carb! Walboro has just used different screws in some of their carbs. All of the HE23HP's that we have run start out at 1-1/2 turns out on both screws and then we just fine tune it from there.

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  • look.... carb...settings..screws...defective?

    uhh..i have a normal sport wit a HE23HP and i got my HE23HP on my XPED and when i installed the HE23 on my xped it came wit the WT603 carb like its supposed to but the low jet screw on the carb sticked out twice as much than the high jet but on my other HE23HP the low jet screw is shorter than my high screw. what happened? did i get a defective carb? i need to know! thanx in ADV and i need to know good start settings for my carb cuz i try ones that ppl give me and my goped still runs funky...i need tuning ratios from a person that knows what they r talkin bout (i got the HE23HP carb...WT603)