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ADA!!! need ur answers!!!! any1!!

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  • ADA!!! need ur answers!!!! any1!!

    yes... i need to know which will make my HE23HP go faster! the Wt603 carb it came with or the WT167 carb. which one will make it faster?
    red sport, HE23HP engine, ECC pipe, air filter, .800 longdrive w/ 3rd bearing, BEADLOCK...ALL SPEED!
    (selling pipe...if anyone wants to buy it IM me on STiLLBaLLiN937 on AIM. good pipe..adds ALOT of torque and insane powerband)

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    The WT-608 or WT-688 will have better top speed over the WA-167, with less acceleration.
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      well first...get a ported Big bore...then a juice box...keep the 603 for top end or wa 167 for low end
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        If you want more top speed you need the WT 603 if you want better accleration you want the WT 167.