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ADA Racing's access to the new Zenoah heads/pistons

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  • ADA Racing's access to the new Zenoah heads/pistons

    At the 5th scale RC touring car world championships in California last month, Zenoah handed out some new castings and pistons/rings to the upper level racers and to some of the manufacturers.
    The word from Zenoah is that they've already made the change to their production lines and all new motors will have the new designs slip-streamed into the production line.

    The consensus from the racers was that fuel economy, and torque were kicked up a noticeable ammount. Top-end is a unknown since there wasn't a lot of time to fiddle with the motor in practice during the worlds.
    Design wise, the following things are noticable:
    Thinner ring
    different piston
    larger transfer ports
    thicker casting

    Since production is going on right now for these new parts, does ADA have a line on these new parts? Is there an ETA for availability?
    Is this old news to the go-ped crowd?

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    I'd like to clarify that this is the RC230 not the RC260.

    _NON_ big-bore with the above improvements.


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      Special Pistons

      Have you seen our Slippery Nickel pistons? We have been selling them for several months now and our customers have given us very favorable reports back. The slippery part is a patended formula unlike anyother piston coating we have seen in 40 years. As far as I know, we are the only ones selling it at this time as a piston coating. It gives the pistion a hard shell protective coating that is combined with Teflon. It is extremely slippery resulting in RPM and power gains with reduced heat with much less of a tendancy to seize. The transfer cutaways in the piston are also different from the standard Zenoah RC. We are having a series of dyno tests being done as we speak, comparing our Superior 230 & 260 to the Zenoah. We are also working on getting the Superior engine leagalized for certain RC racing organizations. Our castings have had a greater thickness for quite some time now. We also have our castings heat treated to a higher hardness than some of the other manufacturers. Give them a try. You might like them. We are selling alot, so somebody likes 'em!


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        Slippery is Good!

        Here is the Slippery Nickel Piston Slim is referring to.


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          Marv, I think you meant to link to my experience with the piston...

          Ada All the way.


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            Thank you for the information.
            (Multiple topics in this mail responding to your points)

            I picked up the Superior clone motor 6 months ago and was going to dive into modifications this winter. My current motor (amongst other mods) has an ADA head cylinder that I modified. It makes awesome power for the season and I enjoyed the ability to change compression based on ambient temperature without out having to have a bunch of modified cylinders that compensate for the shaved base with a bunch of different raised port heights. You see, the 5th scale class is OCTANE limited. We are limited to pump gas. So when it gets really hot, it's nice to pull the compression down with a quick headshim change.

            Which leads to the related question of when will ADA be offering the head kit cylinder based on either the Superior or _new_ RC230 cylinder?

            BTW, ROAR rules for 5th scale RC are 100% based on the IFMAR (international rules). As such, there are _NO_ homologation rules for motors. They only have to meet dimensional standards and you can bring anything you want to a race as long as it passes tech. Since the motor is dimensionally and crankshaft type identical to the RC230, it's already legal.

            Don't confuse us with 1/4 Scale (NASCAR style, roundy-round, sprint, ect). It a much smaller market (Mostly Southern US) and has their own "spec" which I'm pretty sure needs approval.


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              So what else makes the new Zenoah engine 'superior'? If it only has 2 more bolts holding the cylinder down, then I don't think that will make it any faster.

              Did Zenaoh make the pistons right yet? Or are they still round and straight?

              Did Zenoah learn how to plate cylinders so that you cannot feel the horizontal bores lines throught the plating?

              You're pretty typical of a 12 year old on GPN that just spouts off without any actual knowledge to back up what they are saying.
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                Originally posted by Accord
                Ian Oddie himself faxed me a dynograph of the new G230RC engine, and it is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the old G230RC engine, thus it is also better than the Superior knock-off of the old G230RC engine. Aside from a massive increase in power, the fuel consumption is much lower.

                A dyno of one product means nothing when comparing to another product unless they are both tested at the same time. Dyno's are not absolute, and are a comparative tool only. You can make a dyno read whatever you want it to. PS who cares who this Ian guy is, dropping names is lame.

                Why must you resort to personal attacks rather than solely addressing the issue itself?
                What you don't like being 'attacked'? So what makes you think I do? Just because you are slandering a company, that does not mean that actual people are not involved.

                As far as a 4 bolt design not being better than a 2 bolt design, please remind me how many bolts are used to hold down the head on the ADA head kit and the logic behind using 4 bolts as opposed to 2?
                Yes, 4 is better for rigidity, but not faster. I said faster, not better. Why did Zenoah desing it with only 2 bolts in the 1st place then? Did they make an inferior design? Mabye you should petition for a recall on all 2 bolt G230RC's!
                Brooks @ ADA Racing
                Facebook, YouTube, eBay, Twitter
                Use Coupon Code: 'bb10' to $ave!


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                  ok guys lets drop it. everyone likes a debate but lets kick it down a bit. its a freakin goped who gives a damn if its a copy or not its not gonna change a thing the world wont end and gopeds will still be here. companys do whatever they can to keep in the running. so if goped company produces some simmular to a product superior came out with or ddm or scooter pros or whatever are u guys gonna accuss them or slander or copying? no ur not. cuz in real life its not gonna change a damn thing. in not taking any sides im just making a point on how foolish this is.
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