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ADA headkit cylinder based on Superior cylinder?

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  • ADA headkit cylinder based on Superior cylinder?

    Which leads to the related question of when will ADA be offering the head kit cylinder based on either the Superior or _new_ RC230 cylinder?

    (Sorry, I made a new topic. But someone else turned my thread into a flamewar. I really would like to know this info, so I can make my choices on how to spend my time on engine mods over the winter.)

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    I'm supprised the ADA folks didn't answer this one.


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      Search through the Threads.

      But yes They will be making a Big Bore Head Kit. Also there is a new design for the Cooling head coming with it.
      There is No release date or Price yet.
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        The big bore is not what I'm looking for in the post. I understand that the market is in pumped up gopeds, so bigger is where it's at for profit.

        I'm talking about standard bore for us folks limited by racing organizations.

        For my next motor, I'm going to have to place the ADA head kit on the shelf. Bummer! Honestly, I'll probably put it in my basher car.

        I was just being greedy and was wishing that ADA's run of 32mm cylinders based on the original RC230 cylinder was drying up.