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Lower Price on Billet Wheels

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  • Lower Price on Billet Wheels

    Check out our new prices on billet wheels! The Nitro is only $34.95 each! The billet wheels for the Bigfoot/GSR? are only $59.95 each!

    Check out the billet wheels here.
    Brooks @ ADA Racing
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    Use Coupon Code: 'bb10' to $ave!

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    And here comes the request you have been hearing for 2 years now..

    How about billet wheels for the BladeZ????


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      damn i sure do love those billets maybe ill pick a pair up around christmas.
      SuPeR BiG FoOt: CuStOm KaNdY ApPlE ReD, He23Hp, ThIn X-PoRt, Q-CaN, .750 AdA SuPpOrT SpInDlE, ClEaR GaS LiNeS, ChRoMe AiR FiLtEr, Et CaBlE ClAmP, Et GaS KaP, Et BlAcK ChEvErOn DeCk, KaNdY APplE ReD FaNcOvEr, DdM TaNk CoVeR, PoLiShEd RiMs, SbF BaRs, PoLiShEd PrO ClAmP, PrO GrIpS, PoLiShEd SlIdE TuBe, ChRoMe MrI FeNdEr, 3rD BeArInG SuPoRt, AdA LoCk DoWn, AdA JuIcE BoX, RaCe PoRtEd CyLiNdEr & CaSeS

      If iTs tOo LoUd YoUr ToO DaMn OlD!!!


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        Great prices, with great quality.
        100% A - m - e - r - i - c - a - n -~- M - u - s - c - l - e
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        -G230RC, BBK, Meyer 1mm Stroker, ADA S1, TGN chrome fancover/scoop, tgn chrome shroud, tgn flame filter, HP Carb(Wa 167), .800 long drive, ADA Chrome 3rd bearing, ET Stem, ADA 16" Bars, Chrome Slidetube, Steel FTG, Lexan Deck, GetAPed Red Tank skin, Competitor rims