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  • Superior Avenger Scooter Kits

    Everyone may not know that Superior Products has a new Scooter Kit on the market. It is sold by ADA dealers only, as assembly is required. This kit will allow you to have your scooter custom built without having to buy a compoete new scooter and then throw a bunch of sutff away when you add decks, wheels, handlebars and other accessories. The kit features a heavy duty frame and T-Handle and many industry standard parts interchange. Click here to see a picture and check with your favorite ADA dealer for details.

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    i'm diggin the avenger decks. i want to get one myself but they are pricey like every other deck
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    Geo X Ped w/ xt pipe, kn filter, hp carb, .750 spindle, and a tank relocator. selling for $500+shipping

    soon to have an x ped...


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      Hey Marv, this is kind of off topic, but do you work for Superior? I called up Superior a few months ago with a question, but noone picked up and the answering machine said something like "This is Marv please leave a message." Just curious .


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        Superior is the name of a product line that is sold by PSI or Power Sports International. The Superior Website is for infromational purposes. You cannot purchase on the Superior site. We accept applications for distributors on this site. Other than that, the products are distributed by ADA and sold at many scooter dealers. Typically, any ADA Dealer will be stocking the Superior Products. AS PMW has told their dealers this is in violation of their dealer agreement, they are reluctant to advertise. If you ask them in an E-Mail of by phone, they may be able to give you further information on the availability of the products.


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          That's crazy, how come some Go-Ped dealers are allowed to sell Go-Peds and other brands of scooters like Martins, BigBoys, etc. but they can't even sell a few aftermarket parts by Superior? Talk about a double standard!


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            These Kits Are

            These Kits are gonna be badass. I cant wait to see the ones we are getting. Thanks Marv for making such a great product!

            Bling Bling


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                New Gas Tank for SSK Kit


                We have changed the gas tank on the Superior SSK Scooter Kit. This gas tank will also be available for sale as a separate item. It is a 1.5 litre tank with standardized mounting holes. See it here at

                Power Sports International LLC


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                  I like those better then the blue ones.
                  Ada All the way.


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                    Gas Tank Colors

                    Actually we had some blue,red,green,clear & black. We have had them laying around for a couple of years as we stopped selling them at one point as two different manufacturers were claiming to have a patent on them. Rather then fight a legal battle with them, we put a few aside, but used them on the first SSK Kits. We also used some Goped original tanks, some Martin tanks. We have now made our own 1.5 litre tanks so we do not have to worry about other manufacturers being upset with us using their tanks. It will work out well in the end, as we now have another product to add to the Superior Product Line that will benefit our Superior Dealers.

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