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Goped trail ripper throttle problem?

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  • Goped trail ripper throttle problem?

    Hey guys, I have a goped trail ripper and when I pull the throttle, the engine won't start revving or move until the throttle is 3/4 of the way. So I think I'm not getting the max throttle I can get. I don't how to fix this. Sorry I'm new to this goped stuff so any help would be great!! Thanks!

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    Here is your quickest cheapest solution.

    The problem you are experiencing is actually how the stock springs on trailripper work. They don't engage without a lot of throttle.

    Use the springs in the link & the Ped will take off with very little throttle.


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      I once put in different springs so I don't think that's the problem. I have after market springs in the clutch.


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        Originally posted by Zcohen18 View Post
        I once put in different springs so I don't think that's the problem. I have after market springs in the clutch.
        What color were your springs?

        There are aftermarket springs that look like clutch savers, but they are HD & engage at almost same rpm as stock.


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          The ones I put in are yellow


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            Springs are your problem then


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              You may have too much slack in you throttle cable. Grab the throttle lever all the way down and check to see if your getting the full throttle movement at the carburetor. If not, adjust the barrel at the end of the throttle cable to reduce slack until you get full throttle movement at the carb. in correlation with full lever movement. Check out that link to give you an idea in terms of adjusting the throttle cable slack.



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                Thanks for the help guys!! I'll give that a try right now