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    I'm new to this forum, I was wondering if anyone here uses a polini motor on there scooter? And what kind of gas or octane do you run?
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    Hey Easy

    I'm surprised your posting in here since this forum is all about ADA, but I'm running Sunoco GT Racing Gas 100 octane on the polini. Many on the pocket bike forums just use pump gas at 93 octane, unless they have been fully ported & are pure race engine. The polini engine as you know on my Big Boy is water-cooled & I do go out on rides, so was told to run 100 octane to keep on the safe side.


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      Thanks X,
      I was just wondering because everytime I do a compresion check, I only get around 125-130 lbs. I've heard that lots of pocket bikes only run pump gas. I've been also told it will run better on pump gas that's why I wanted to get different opinions.
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