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  • Whats so hard?

    Ok everyone who is decideing to buy a pro 60 might want to do some research before wasting money. If your lucky enough to come to a race and see both a king kat and a pro 60 u will notice how much a pro 60 engine tends to bounce around. and on the king kat u notice how still it is. Hell you might be so lucky to ride them both and see what im talking about.
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    riden both.

    both have their nice features..

    but i havent seen a king kat really take a beating. ive seen pro60s fly across a skatepark bouncing and flipping and it was picked up, and then riden again, no harm done except a few scratches and dents if any.
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      dang...i wreck mine and something on mine breaks....i got a supersport...i want a king kat so bad!!!..and a pro 60 gsr
      2004 ss frame fork handle bars plus other stuff for best offer


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        I havent Ridden One yet.

        For my Next Ped Here Im Kinda Stuck between a
        TSI (Maybe become a Gsr 60)
        Super Big Foot
        King KAT
        Or a Pro 60
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          i wish i had that dough
          2004 ss frame fork handle bars plus other stuff for best offer


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            y have i never seen and heard of the king kat does any one know of a site?
            to goped.... or not to goped.... that is the question