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ADA Racing Bandit!

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  • ADA Racing Bandit!

    Check out the ADA Racing Bandit, also coming soon!

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    Pimp as Hell.

    Can we Get some Specs?
    Modded out Super x ped, G2d xped,
    Modded out Yamaha wave blaster, and a Stock Yamaha wave raider.
    Ride Yamaha


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      lol, kool.. but im not sure how well it will do on the market.
      to goped.... or not to goped.... that is the question


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        Originally posted by motoxracer
        lol, kool.. but im not sure how well it will do on the market.
        with the way the go bike is selling I think this should do good.

        Front AND rear mechanicals....41cc motor with TONS of upgrades on the market for it(gsr clone) suspension....LIGHT...kenda V2s....list goes on and on.

        I think the price will be alot more "manageable"

        EDIT: Are those ada billets on there
        COAST PED


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          Nice looks good, im sure it will sell just fine.


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            See The Bandit In Action

            Click on this link to see the Bandit in action:



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              nice promo video. you would never know it was shot at a ussrl event.


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                Bandit At USSRL Race

                You are right. We did race that Bandit at the last USSRL Race in Rialto California. Actually we were not sure how it would do, but it did very well against the competition, in fact. It was the first time that 15 Year Old Travis Shaw had ever ridden the bike. He did a great job. The bike was a huge success with all of the dealers from around the world at the Dealer Expo in Indianapolis a few days ago. Many dealers from Europe and South America were very excited about it being released this Spring. It is the only product with an aluminum Heli Arc welded frame in the industry.


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                  USSRL and SDI???

                  I was thinking it would have been nice if SDI had mentioned or shown that the footage was taken at an USSRL event. Without the USSRL would you had been able to provide actual race footage of your product???? Seems to me these 2 businesses are a perfect match to promote each other. Just a thought......
                  Greg aka "Peaks"


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                    We agree. That's why we have donated thousands of dollars in racing fees, prize money, and merchandise to the USSRL, and even offered to enter into a copromotional agreement with the USSRL to display their professionally photographed DVD at our booth.

                    I'm not sure why you would be disappointed that there is no mention of the USSRL in a 1:00 minute video highlighting the Bandit product.

                    In USSRL racing videos, do you stop to give the product specs of every scooter and aftermarket component being used in each race?

                    I'm glad that the USSRL is out there and providing an avenue for all scooter racing, and we hope that you guys continue to keep up the good work. It's good for the sport, and you guys do a great job.


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                      New Video Links

                      Updated Links to Bandit and other Video

                      Power Sports International LLC


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                        360 Back Flip

                        First 360 Back Flip on Push Scooter by Ronnie Bartlet at the 2000 ADA/MSRA World finals in Lake Havasu Arizona. Can you believe it?



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                          J Racer

                          You have brought up some valid points, it seems? ( not like I know much about what you have provided the USSRL ) You seem to throw some negative into your response also. Not to seem arguementative all I was trying to point out is that between the USSRL and your company there is a good mix. And it seemed to me that a long term sponsorship would be a good idea. Perhaps it is not my place to make this kind of thought, but its my 2 cents worth. ( whatever it might be worth )
                          Greg aka "Peaks"


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                            No, certainly did not mean to be negative. I agree that the USSRL, as an all-scooter race league, is great for the sport and worthy of support.


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                              Bandit or Diablo?

                              What's the deal? I found this Mini-Bike on the web site and it looks just like the ADA Bandit?