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Use Trail Tech Vapor for Our Scooter Application

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  • How To: Use Trail Tech Vapor for Our Scooter Application

    Trail Tech Vapor.... An all in one gauge for your 2 stroke engine scooter. A few years ago, a member did a review on this. He gave a lot of info on what this model can do, so I will focus on how to get it to run on our scooters.

    Trail Tech Vapor Review

    There are a number of kits you can order. For this write up I am using model number 752-402.


    It contained, what I thought were, the best components for hooking it up to Purple Reign, my 40 framed 460.

    The kit comes with....

    +Black computer guage...other option is silver bezel.


    +10mm spark plug adapter for temp sensor.


    Be careful not to over tighten on the spark plug when using these.


    This cable alone (7500-3010) is not long enough to run up to the handlebars. I opted to order the 48" extension lead (V300-48) which was the perfect size to run to the stem on my 21" race pole. Measure before you order!

    ---You also need to remove the crush washer on the spark plugs when using this method. The user manual specifically says to do so.---

    Here is the extension cable and my modified ignition sensor wire wrapped together with electrical tape to keep together(personal preference).

    I read online...grain of salt...that you can use a wire of the the same gauge and make your own extension, but risk false engine temp? I didn't want to risk it.

    When using the 460 stock engine cover, you need to cut a slot for the copper prong that goes under the spark plug.


    Using an ADA headkit makes for a cleaner look.


    +RPM wire (Ignition sensor)

    This wire (9000-1021) was long enough to not need extensions, but you will need to add a wire and connectors to the coil on the engine. Depths of Hell already made a great write up on how to hook that up... Hook Up Your TTO Tachometer ...This is how I set my 460 up, and my 60 looks exactly like Depth's pictures


    You can also wrap this wire around the spark plug wire, but with the temp sensor already in that proximity, I like the hardwire method for less wire clutter in one area.

    +Speedometer sensor

    Trail Tech makes a few different versions for these. This model sensor (704-06) looked to require the least modification while not looking too out of place. It comes with a 3M adhesive back. The radius on the sensor is larger than the goped forks, so I cut the sides to prevent over hanging plastic.

    I zip tied the sticky mount to the forks, once I found the location I wanted. I cut off the ties later one and the mount is still secured to the fork.


    The wire length is quite long and required cutting. I mocked the length I wanted to leave and cut it near the connector side. I carefully cut away the insulation and found 2 wires inside. I soldered the exposed red and black wire to the wires off the connector. Applied heat shrink around the connector to the wire. Anything to give these small wires some protection. Worked like a charm.


    I currently run pocket bike wheels and had to make a new magnet mounting set up. I used CaliusOptimus' idea for a mount and it has been flawless.


    I previously ran ADA billets and used an old 76 tooth sprocket, spacers and 2 longer bolts and made a one with parts I had lying around. You can find pics here. It's post #91.

    +Bar mount(s)

    The kit includes 2 plastic mounts. One for 7/8" bars, I think the other is for 1 1/8". The mount is able to rotate on one axis and tighten down at which ever angle you desire. The manual has the bolt pattern dimensions if someone wanted to make a mount for it. That will help me in the future....plastic isn't my favorite.


    Over all it's a great system....A little pricey, but I dig it!

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    Excellent write up, amd I love the cross references. 🤘

    You have the whole thing set up fairly clean considering how many wires you have running throughout your ped. Very cool set up, and we concluded it was accurate in AZ. 😎
    Hell Fab


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      Gracias Senior...errr...Seٌior!

      There are a few extra cables than most have. Using the Scum Pole cable holes and through frame holes would help clean up the look. Down the road, I might try that method out.

      For over $100, it better be G damn accurate.