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Need help for my Evo 2x 460 build!

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  • Requested: Need help for my Evo 2x 460 build!

    Hi guys,

    I'm new here and looking for some help with figuring out which parts to order for my build. I just ordered a Evo 2x (new version with the Chinese engine) and also a r460 engine from DMM. I need help figuring out which parts I will need to make the thing work. I understand the 460 is a direct bolt on for the evo 2x, but I heard from some people that you need a engine shim to stop the bell from rubbing. I tried finding it on DMM but didn't see it.

    Secondly, I know I will also need a new gas tank. I would like to go for an option that doesn't involve drilling new mounting holes

    Finally, do any of the jet-pros fit without modification or drilling?

    Any other highly recommended modifications I should know about?

    Really appreciate any help you guys can give me as I work through my first build. Thank you in advance

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    Welcome to Billet Board!

    Bear with me, I'm not savvy on the Evo's

    The only engine shim I know of, for the engines we use, is the crankshaft shim for the G62. It's on DDM, I will post a link. If need be, I can give you dimensions. I have one somewhere. HAHA

    I believe you could get a Rhino or race Rhino on there. I know Jason @ Coast Ped could definitely help lead you 8n the right direction.
    Hell Fab


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      There were a few folks talking about it a ways back in this old thread: Basically it is supposed to be a spacer to stop the clutch shoes from rubbing against the side of the clutch bell. Some people where saying you could just DIY it with a couple of washers. I don't mind DIYing but wasn't sure what size washers I would need.

      I went with the Rhino as it seems to be the easiest to mount on the 2x. Looking into getting street tires as well, but not really sure if it is worth it. I actually will be driving the scooter cross border between San Diego and Tijuana Mexico quite a bit. Downtown in TJ is fine but the local streets tend to be rather rough. Wondering if the knobby tires might actually help a bit