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Fuel ratio

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  • Fuel ratio

    I recently picked up Bigfoot has a G23LH on it. What fuel/oil ratio do I use? I picked up some Lucas semi-synthetic 2 cycle oil(2.6oz) bottle I good to go if I mix that to 1gallon of gas? Thank You in advance!

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    I use 32:1 on my G23lh. That Lucas bottle would be 50:1. 4oz per one gallon would get you 32:1.


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      I run my stock LH on 40:1 . I run my tuned LH on 25:1. If you are using a non adjustable/stock carburetor then run 40:1, which is the recommended ratio for the motor from the factory for best performance. 40:1 is 3.2 ounces 25:1 is about 5.2. Of course you can run anywhere in between there.
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        I run 24:1 (sometimes closer to 20:1) and a good oil (yamalube at the moment) and wouldn’t recommend anything else.

        Ive railed on gopeds for 16 years, more oil is like motor insurance. Only negative is smoke (plus a theoretical drop in performance) . I’ve personally never fouled a plug.
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          I've always suspected the 40:1 and 50:1 recommendations were more about meeting emissions requirements than what's good for the engine