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What parts to remove to replace crankshaft gasket on sport?

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  • What parts to remove to replace crankshaft gasket on sport?

    I've replaced every gasket on my goped sport except the crankshaft gasket what would I need to remove to get to it thanks!

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    • Everything. I assume your talking about cranks seals? If you’ve replaced everything, but haven’t split the cases yet, then you didn’t do everything lol. You can leave the intake and exhaust bolted to the cylinder. Just remove the engine from the mount, and remove clutch if it has one. Remove the flywheel and all steps associated with getting to that point. Then pop off the cylinder from the case. Then remove the 4 bolts holding the two halves together. You’ll need to replace the 2 main crank bearings, and both crank seals. There is a how to thread on how to remove and reinstall them on here somewhere. After they are replaced, reinstall everything is reverse order. I recommend replacing the proper gaskets with new ones when you put it back together. So you’re list is, as long as everything else has been done, is crank bearing set, crank seal set, case gasket, and cylinder gasket.


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      Why do you want to replace it? They really never go bad on their own
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        Originally posted by dsport View Post
        Why do you want to replace it? They really never go bad on their own
        my sport gets pretty hot in 5mins and takes about 8--10 pulls to get it started and starts to loose power pretty quick 5-10mins of use and it's bogging, I replaced the carb and it's still doing the same things hmmm weird lol


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          I looked it up and says I might have a leak in the crank case but I'm not sure


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            Strange, I can’t say that I’ve seen that. Could be it was put back together with a torn gasket.
            *******Pedding since '02********


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              They do wear out. The seals take a hit when the crank bearings start wearing because the pressure on the crank. Mostly an issue on the spindle powered gopeds because of the leverage pressure created by the tire when setting spindle pressure. The tire against the spindle is acting like a pry bar. That and the seals are open to the environment....... dirt dust water puddle etc. this really doesn’t apply to clutched peds. I noticed you said you have a sport? What motor is on there? And you replaced the carb? Was it an OEM replacement? What size spindle are you running?


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                I'm definitely changing the seals, bearings. I have a sport with a G23lh, I replaced it with a aftermarket carb but the Oem carb it originally had on was still haveing the same heat and bogging issue


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                  I have a .675,black magic spindle forgot to mention that


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                    Is this aftermarket carb adjustable? Did you install the correct manifold for the new carb? Did everything line up correctly for the pulse hole? Are you running a fancover and shroud? Have you tried loosening the gas cap and riding around? Sometimes it’s stops venting. How “hot” is it getting? How do you know?
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