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Chain tension and breaking

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  • Chain tension and breaking

    Total newbie with some know how of basics.

    I think the drill missed a bit?

    Can't seem to get that last little bit.

    The chain is letting the wheel and spring push into the clutch housing.
    So take a link out of the chain so the tension of chain will push down on pulley.
    Also changing pinion to an 8 as the old stretched chain has beaten up the 6.
    8/76, will be interesting to see how that goes.

    The DDM youtube vid works to the point where the one they are using has a bit more drilled out which doesn't appear to be on mine?

    Any help would be appreciated
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    !oh, newbie got the chain breaker, just have to figure out the tensioner now...


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      The angle of the motor (assuming you have an adjustable mount) also affects how the chain works with the tensioner. You can also replace your tensioner wheel yours looks pretty worn. That should also increase the distance to chain aspect. Since you got a breaker replace the chain also. How do you like the breaker? It removes and replaces the pins correct? I Thought about getting one.


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        The breaker is great yeah, took me a little to figure it out and break it in a little.
        I do recommend it and take your time with lining up the pins as to not break the push pin tool.
        Went to a few shops here to find a breaker, but couldn't find it. I'm glad I waiting to get the right tool for the job.

        I don't have an adjustable engine mount sadly, and the tensioner is only a week old. I did order a new wheel as backup though.
        Can you see how the spring has pushed the wheel into the clutch housing and worn it away?
        I took a link out of a new GSR40 chain but now it is too short, so it is a constant trial and fingers crossed for no errors.

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          Did the mounting bolt happen to get bent? Is it possible to maybe add a longer spacer to the back side of the ADA tensioner to move out further? May require a longer bolt.


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            THIS SECTION IS FOR HOW TO / DIY WRITE UPS etc. not for questions. Please post to the correct section.
            *******Pedding since '02********


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              GSTR2546, thank you, i'll try a longer bolt once i'm allowed to go back outside, I think that would workwith some spacers to push it out a bit.

              dsport, cool story bro. So which section would you suggest I post in, as "How to's /DIY" section is now on lock down too? REOW.
              I would have thought, "How to stop the chain tensioner from pushing into my clutch housing" would be a valid place.