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Please help with goped restoration

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  • Please help with goped restoration

    Hello everyone. I am restoring a goped, and found that the right side where the driveshaft extends over the top of the rear tire and then comes out on the right side apparently doesn’t have a pressfit bearing to support it on the right side. As you can see in the photo, it was grinding at one point in the past, and the way it looks in the photo is how it looked when I disassembled it.

    does anyone know what the configuration should be, what bearing or gasket is missing, etc? Thanks!
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    So what you have there is a 3rd bearing support, I can't tell 100% by the pictures if the problem is that it's not a long drive spindle, or that it is long enough but the bearing in the 3bs isn't able to seat it. Really unless you're putting a lot of pressure on the crank from jumping it off curbs or whatever the support isn't super necessary anyway. If you do want to make use of it and it's a spindle problem this is the type of spindle that would work.


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      Awesome, thanks!