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Wtb pipe to fit gsr40

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  • Wtb pipe to fit gsr40

    Looking for a gsr40 pipe. Types im interested in are flipped sikk, rattlesnake, pacsales, ect. I am open to other pipes though. Reply with what you have, or pm. Thanks

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    one of the best pipes for a 40 I have ever used:

    I also used one with modded brackets on 460's. These pipes make the engines sound like little dirtbikes and they rev to the moon. Also very thick pipes. Not the prettiest looking set up but definitely function over form if you are going this route.
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    Damn Texan


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      If I wasn't such a picky bastard, I would have already bought that pacsales pipe from Depog. He is a great guy to deal with.


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        I saw that actually. A little more than im looking to pay:/. Do you see them for sale much & does it seem like a pretty good price iyo? & how does it compare to a flipped sikk or rattlesnake