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Wtb geo bigfoot frame

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  • Wtb geo bigfoot frame

    Hello everyone its my second post first one is for a Gsr frame, no replies. But theres one member who wished me luck ( thanks men ). Maybe some of you are saying does " he know? " Why yes, I read a forum about bigfoot spindle to chain conversion. Well I thought I get a crack at it and put 20+ yrs of machine shop supervisor experience to good use and besides its a Geo not a bigfoot. A new motor ( not the original spindle type ) plus a well fabricated engine mount its more than possible. If anyone has a Geo sitting in their garage collecting dust just let me know. A complete ped is ok as long as its reasonably priced, A ped without motor would be better I dont need the motor anyway. Or just the frame and fork would do just fine. Shipped to the Phillippines on my account. Thanks
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    Good luck dude! I’ll keep an eye out. I do see them come up from time to time, but prices have gone way up recently.


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      Thanks, gsr frames are hard to come by now new or used and the geo bigfoot is kryptonite to others so I thought someone might want to let them go. I imagine building a poor mans gsr40. Lol ! !
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        Originally posted by 421orion View Post
        Thanks, gsr frames are hard to come by now new or used and the geo bigfoot is kryptonite to others so I thought someone might want to let them go. I imagine building a poor mans gsr40. Lol ! !
        There used to be a guy on here who made a weld-on motormount for the gbf frames to convert to a gsr40 style mounting. I feel like a uni-frame mount would be easier tho. I guess then you’d have to factor in the price of the 78mm mount.

        I’ve noticed many gbf’s selling for similar pricing as the bf’s. Only thing I can figure it’s that people buying them don’t actually understand the difference, just see a clean air tie Goped and compare the price to others on the market.
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          Yes, at first I didnt know the difference between a gbf and a bf. A guy here in the Philippines modified a bf to a y frame, I thought I could do the same but later on I changed my mind. It would be a bad idea to mount the motor on the welded side of a yframe. Plus it devaluates the value of the original frame. I could not have agreed with you more about the uni frame. I just took a chance on a gbf since this model have motor issues etc than others and get a better chance of getting a better deal ( cheaper I suppose ). So instead of waiting for an available one, I already got on with my project and had purchase billet rims, sprockets, bothy fork etc. Oh yes by the way I read it somewhere that the gbf, bff are 4" shorter than the gsr or uni frame. Do you have any idea? Thanks for your time.