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my super sport with ROC pipe and superfly rims and deck

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  • my super sport with ROC pipe and superfly rims and deck

    hey this is my sport

    it has:
    G230RC with big-bore kit/cool head/ADA polished fancover
    ROC chrome stinger pipe
    .750 long drive spindle w/ sidewalk surfer third bearing
    Rc carb
    ADA shortie airfilter
    TGN superfly rims and deck
    TGN v-brakes
    Sidewalksurfer chrome race bars w/ ADA cable clamp
    and that's pretty much it

    Rate it and tell me watcha think!
    Blinged out Super Sport too many mods
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    Very nice but get a billet gas cap.
    MY BIG FOOT WITH G260RC YEA!!!!!!!!!!


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      I say you keep that deck on the dark side up.
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        Nice, I like the deck on the dark side also.


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          Very nice, I think an ADA HD Black frame would look REALLY nice on there while being much stronger, don't cost much either.

          40 bucks.....
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            Damn thats a really nice ped! Nice work
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            1999 Yellow Bigfoot(Modded)
            2000 Silver Bigfoot(Modded)
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              i would have to agree with the mods....the ada frame is alot stronger than the stock sport frame...i love the ped though
              2004 ss frame fork handle bars plus other stuff for best offer


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                nice, i like it al ot
                Chrome Frame,Fork,Cover,Fancover,
                brakes, deck(veryshiny), Rims (no chrome),Avenger deck,pullhandle, Starter

                .800 blk magic, SBBK w/nickel piston, ada1 pipe, K&N filter, juice box, RAce Tuned, G230RC or 60, Lightening, Porting, Balancing done by Chixx Performance


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                  very nice and clean, good job
                  custom built fast ped