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MARV and BROOKS Check these pics out!

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  • MARV and BROOKS Check these pics out!

    MARV, BROOKS Check these pics out!

    Here are some pictures of:

    Arizona Race

    HB Ride

    Galaxies bad *** pink flybar ped w/ ada stems of course!

    Customers Bad *** Blue GSR all ada!

    check them out!
    Bling Bling

  • #2
    Sweet! But, I think there are some pictures missing! Oh, those must be in Scott's camera
    Brooks @ ADA Racing
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    • #3
      good times...

      The day was fun, although there was nearly as much down time as scooter riding, and the group got broken up more than once...

      cest la vie.... thats the way it goes when the rides get as big as this one did!


      • #4

        The blue GSR, Oh my gosh that is tight, I love the color scheme and the filter matches really well.

        00 Bf -K&N Filter -HP carb -Advanced timing -X-port -ADA Gas Cap
        -ADA Tank Cover -ET Ripper Deck


        • #5
          That is my blue GSR.
          GSR#619: Goped Bars, S2 Pipe, Metallic Blue Frame, ADA front suspension, ADA Tensioner, billet rims etc. etc.
          Blue Sport: Chrome Engine Shroud, Ported Cylinder, Billet Deck, Chrome Fancover, ET Blockoff, Billet Gas Cap etc.
          Chrome Konwped: Chrome Frame, Superfly Rims, V-2 Flybars, Billet Deck, Grindplate, Switch Pegs, Chrome Sleeve
          Knowped: Black Frame, Steel FTG, TGM Grindplate, wood pole, Billet Rims, bothy forks, g-tape deck, proslide etc.
          X-Ped: wood-filled-pole, HP carb, X can, porting, g-taped deck, proslide, steel FTG, air filter, billet throttle, ADA stem, tank cover etc.
          <+><+><+><+><+>COAST PED <+><+><+><+><+>


          • #6
            those are nice peds!
            AiM: Sir Chinkal0t
            Geo X Ped w/ xt pipe, kn filter, hp carb, .750 spindle, and a tank relocator. selling for $500+shipping

            soon to have an x ped...


            • #7
              i didnt know that pic was on biilet board cool!


              • #8
                WOW! I love that pink flybared ped. Very different from the rest, Im sure it would stand out in a race.
                2003 Red cruiser sport:
                ADA Air Filter, ADA Rockit key, ADA .750 Spindle, ADA billet throttle lever, ADA Red gas tank cover, ADA Tall Velocity stack, ADA Red cable clamp, ADA Polished block off, Custom Polished Fancover, RC pacsales pipe, TGN Braided lines, Red Scott Grips. SOON TO COME: ADA HE23HP engine, TF air scoop, ADA Avenger billet deck in Black


                • #9
                  i never knew that those ada stem things could fit on flybars
                  AiM: Sir Chinkal0t
                  Geo X Ped w/ xt pipe, kn filter, hp carb, .750 spindle, and a tank relocator. selling for $500+shipping

                  soon to have an x ped...