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Mototec 3-speed tear down / review

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  • Mototec 3-speed tear down / review

    I got serious again about 3-speeds about 2009-2010 after a long hiatus. Ive built 6 over the years I think and always had a blast slamming gears. In the community there has been two camps in general. One is about high tuned / high rpm deep in the science of two stroke perfection on a light weight hover board. The other is the large jugs on a 4 stroke 80-200CC in heavy reinforced bike frames. On the hover side, I advocate higher speeds with the torque and shifter versus rpms. On the bike side I advocate the shifter versus bigger CCs. When its done with the right ratio of inches per revolution throughout the shift range so that the engine can resume acceleration in the next higher gear, the ride experience is awesome! That is, after topping out your rpms in first gear, you want to have second gear matched up to the peak torque, and so on.

    For the average 49CC cheap scooter, you are now getting an EPA approved(for about 200 hours) throttled engine which spits out less unburned fuel than the older wide open 2 strokes. Some can be modded by cutting out the restrictor casting in the case. Advertised as having a 25 mph top speed, its almost impossible to hit that speed without a down-hill start or tail wind, and its WOT too. Generally its 20+mph. The expansion pipes do nothing for top RPMs on these engines until the restictions are cut out. But they do add massive torque and are worth it in that regard. The same engine with a three speed hits 20mph in second gear just above idle and drives it up to 30-35. Third gear pushes the same engine into the forties. My top speed is 43.6 mph. Its safe to say a three speed can potentially double your scooter speeds under 7000 RPM. You GP460 guys would hit 60 in stock form, up from the mid 40's(according to the maths).

    Finally the IGH 3 speed is available off the shelf! Ive got a really nice 3-speed but I just couldnt resist checking out the mototec. Im a computer programmer by day, and I really deserved a treat for the massive amount of work we did this winter! I bought it.

    The package and first impressions.
    • Great packing!
    • Tires inflated to the right pressure
    • Can be assembled in the box and lifter out.

    • Missing half of the shock mounting fastener!
    • Brakes shoes too tight! Wheels wont turn.
    • Calipers bent the rear disk slightly due to bad alignment
    • Shifter cable frayed at rear mechanism!
    • Chain waaaayyyy to tight!
    • Dusty and greasy
    • No manual.

    So.... Lucky I a cable that could replace the bad one. I had to file the lead barrel to make it work. PITA!


    Here is the rear swing arm. Its set up with bearings on the pivot, which is nice. The rear forks are alright.
    The disassembly was a mystery! There is a circlip and spacers that need to be removed from the shifter side. There was an abundance of lock-tight red. I broke out the lighter and heated it up after removing the clip. I know this is probably done to prevent the axle from rotating because it is part of the planetary gear set.


    Here is the three speed in all it glory. A shimano nexus machined INTO the rear rim. Some special plate is used to mount the scooter sprocket and its 100% purpose built setup. No janky janky like some of mine in the past. The shifter uses a push rod inside the axle, activated by the left handle bar clicker.

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    The disc side of the rear wheel is similar to the bike models.
    There are anti rotation shoulders, so I grabbed a anti rotation washer. This improved the brake pad alignment too!


    The twist shift is standard fare. I had to file a trottle cable to fit. The shifter cable has a nub at the end just like a throttle cable.


    What I noticed about the engine mount that interests me, is that it will fit a GP460 with minimal modification. The stock engine is 1.5 - 2 HP. The gp460 is much more.


    Ive got it all back together now.

    Tomorrow I will RIDE, and finish the review!
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      so does this thing have a lot or torque in first? i think it would be cool to gear it for torque and make a "poor mans" trail ripper


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        Ill know after Easter dinner if its not raining. Documentation at the distributors says 30mph top speed, so it probably is totally what you want. The sprocket is standard pocket bike stuff.
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          Well, sheesh. I can only find two gears. Its eaither missing second and doing first to third, or second to third. I need to do some fine adjusting on the shifter cable.

          It did run up close to thirty it what ever gear it was in. If it was third gear, this sucker needs a smaller rear sprocket! Pretty sure it was third gear....

          Shifting was nice, but clicking from 2nd to 3rd did nothing.... I put it back in the garage and broke out my old whip. took a spin around the hood at 40mph...

          If I can get the shift cable adjusted perfect, and get a smaller rear sprocket, it just might be a 40mph ride....

          If the scooter ever gets back in stock, it would recommend it to the mechanically inclined. It would be worth it to rip the rear wheel out for a custom ride.

          At the same time, mounting a gp460 may not matter too much about missing second or first gear. Im going to go the 460 route next.

          I would recommend the EVO over the mototech if I knew the EVO tranny would last 2000 miles maintenance free as the shimano can. I might recommend EVO anyway for the over all quality of the frame .
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            Love the evo scooters, here's a ride we did recently with ours!

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              Is that CoastPed? At least I think that's how it is spelt. I see that CNC machine. Do you think I could have you guys make me a custom 68 tooth sprocket that will fit the evo BF05T chain? I can't find one anywhere


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                Sprockets can be made but to be done properly they need to be done by a gear shop and to make 1or even 5 is expensive....I am checking with Puzey about sprockets as the factory may be able to get us what we need/want easier than having ones made...
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                  Shifters are so fun! The EVO frame is wayyyy better than the mototect. I dont know if I would want to do 40 on the mototec.
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                    wow, nice price on that!
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                      I'm planning on making a custom frame and putting 3 speeds on it and it seems like the hub gearbox would be the best way to go due to the simplicity. But I am only able to find the rim and throttle cable for parts. I am not able to find the 3 speed IGH that fits into the rim. If the rear rim is sold separately then I would assume there is some way to remove the IGH which would also allow me to install it. Does anyone know where I can find the IGH anywhere?


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                        ITs a shimano nexus hub. YOu'll probably have to machine the rim to accept the driver. I prefer a IGH used as a jack shaft by attaching a sprocket to the spoke flange or getting a trike hub.
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                          I don't have enough space for that to work. My problem is that I want to try to keep it as compact as possible and have 3 gears instead of 2 like the Evo 2X. If I could find the wheel with the hub installed or at least know how it was made then I wouldn't have any issues. But I can't wrap my head around how they got that hub inside the rim and attached a sprocket to it and I can't find it anywhere for the life of me.


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                            They just machine threads into the rim to accept the IGH driver.
                            You will have to machine the rim to accept the shimano nexus driver core and support bearing for the other side.
                            Call a bike shop that rebuilds or services shimano IGH. You need the driver. It comes out of the spoke flang shell. From there take your rim to a machine shop and show them what you want.
                            If you're a skinny ****er like me, I recomment the larger 12.5 inch rims used on electric scooters.
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