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Found a brand new 20 year old bigfoot frame

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  • Found a brand new 20 year old bigfoot frame

    I found a bunch of parts on kijiji from an old goped retailer in ontario canada and I got a brand new replacement fork and frame for the old green bigfoot as well as a bunch of other parts with the purchase.

    using all new parts except for the rebuilt bottom end and carb I built a new 20 year old bigfoot and just thought I'd share some pics.

    It has a zenoah bottom end with a cy 35mm head and a +2mm crank (29cc) copper head gasket, wt-613 carb, and .675 spindle with lockout and 3rd bearing. Also the front tire is the original primo durotrap and rear is a 4.10/3.50-4 sawtooth tread

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      Here's some pics of the parts that came with the frame


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        Yo dope as ****, u got some stuff I wouldn't use just keep it mint. The banner, ultimately everything is collector shit now! And wow goped dealer ship in Canada . Keep the product in the plastic . Historic. or rip tha shit out of it , we all die some day
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          Nicee! I've always been curious about the bigfoots because I love air tires but hate the chains (sometimes)


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            I have a new PK adapter if you want to swap that unit to the maddog caliper


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              any new updates?


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                A 55 year old friend of my parents took my bigfoot for a rip with us last year and fell in love with it, after riding it he said he wanted one just like it for traveling around the collingwood airfield as it's a 5 minute walk to the bathroom from his hangar.
                Still not sure what to charge him for it tho, wanna give him a good deal but dont want to screw myself over. Spent around $620 canadian getting all the parts it needed to be complete, plus the frame, motor, 3rd bearing and tires.


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                  Originally posted by ESR_RSE View Post
                  I have a new PK adapter if you want to swap that unit to the maddog caliper
                  I apreciate the offer but I think i will sell it as is to my family friend in order to keep the cost down, but i will mention the option of upgrading the brakes to him.

                  theres still lots of salt and sand on the roads here so I havnt been able to test drive it yet, tried that last year and my wheel bearings seized up within a day, even after a good wash


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                    Wow yeah salt is no good for metal.


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                      You want to sell that xped grindplate?