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  • what can i do

    i do not know what to do with my geo sport i was thnking that i can put a x can and a speed spindle but i dont know what size spindle to put on there and i wanted to know how much of a difference does it make and how much louder is it and how does the Q can perform

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    do u have a picture of it to post?


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      i do but i cant figure out how to post them


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        dude want to buy my geo hp carb never use and helps alot email me [email protected]
        dont talk sh#$ unless u can back it up


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          spindle size, the larger the spindle the more top speed added but you also lose acceration. but the smaller the spindle the faster the accereration but not much tope speed added. like me for instance i think that a .750 is the perfect spindle for me but alot of people think that top speed is more important than getting to your top speed in 30 seconds. lol its funny some people have like .975's. but i think that when i order my orc tonight then i think that i will get a .750 or .800.
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