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Exhaust System - GSR? Mounted and READY TO ROCK!

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  • Exhaust System - GSR? Mounted and READY TO ROCK!

    Exhaust System - GSR? in all its glory!

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        Hows it run!?
        Last edited by Slimcandy428; 08-15-2003, 02:08 PM.
        Ada All the way.


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          I can say it runs better than it ever has. I really like the smoothness of the powerband, but there still is a nice hit. It is hush hush quiet when cruzing around, but yet when its WOT time theres plenty there for ya.

          When I finish with the San Diego Poker run I'll do some radar gun runs and post the speeds.


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            What pipe did you have before that and can you compare the performance? Thanks


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              He had the S2.
              Ada All the way.


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                Sweet I want a comparison in performance differences between the 2.


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                  BEAUTIFUL gsr!! I have a XT2 pipe on my tsi, but would switch to the ADA if there was a significant gain. If you have experience with the XT2 can you compare the ADA pipe with the XT pipe? Thanks.


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                    The XT2 pipe is the worst pipe in the market for the GSR. Both pacsales pipes, and the ADA pipe is better. Guaranteed.


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                      Bling Bling.. very nice peD!!


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                        looks sick..and has a kick *** price tag
                        [email protected]
                        100% A - m - e - r - i - c - a - n -~- M - u - s - c - l - e
                        2002 Super X Ped w/
                        -G230RC, BBK, Meyer 1mm Stroker, ADA S1, TGN chrome fancover/scoop, tgn chrome shroud, tgn flame filter, HP Carb(Wa 167), .800 long drive, ADA Chrome 3rd bearing, ET Stem, ADA 16" Bars, Chrome Slidetube, Steel FTG, Lexan Deck, GetAPed Red Tank skin, Competitor rims


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                          I've got the ADA pipe on my Tsi as well. Everything else is stock excluding a TGN tensioner. The very fiirst thing I noticed is that it has less bottem end than the stock setup. I really have to hold the throttle down all the way for it to kick in but when the powerband does kick in, its like a rocket. I'm like 180lb and this thing does a wheelie if I'm not careful now. Its just I gotta ease it in so it roars enough then I know its there and just go full throttle. It definately goes like 10mph faster or something and the mid accelaration is crazy. I raced next to my friend's SUV and he said I was going 43 but I doubt that's accurate. Before that I raced my friend on his bike and he clocked me at 31MPH.
                          I'm wondering what I can do to regain accelaration in the bottom end. I would like a smooth accelaration all the way through. I'm getting the ADA GSR juice box but is there also something I can do to my Tsi carb like tuning it or something? I know nothing about tuning a carb. but can look through the threads. Or maybe a new carb like the Walboro 15mm HP carb.
                          ANy suggestions, greatly appreciated.



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                            I suggest the Ada Gsr hp carb setup and the boost box. The carb that comes on the TSI has always given people problems, such as the motor running rough. The biggest downside is that you have limited adjustability as far as tuning.
                            Ada All the way.


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                              You mean the Walboro 15mm HP carb Or the Carb Kit - G43L/GSR40??
                              Definately getting the juice box.
                              Just want to get this right u know,