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Getting closer to 60cc

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  • Getting closer to 60cc

    Heres a Bluebird 57cc motor with ADA V-Stack and modified ADA Manifold to house a WYK series HP Carb. This thing is a BEAST! ( and yes thats a ADA Deck you see there)

    HapPnis just clocked 40.7 mph on his, this one is still being broken in. As soon as it is I'll get you some speed data...


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    thats bad @ss looks like fun!!
    goped sport with SUPERIOR BIG BORE KIT (hybrid), ada superior blue air filter, walbro hp carb, superior stock crank, case stuffer, extreme toys .750 spindel and 3rd bearing, blue cool head, lightend flywheel andvanced timing, speedwerx pipe, oversized gas tank, blue engin trix ripper billet deck, chrome bothy forks. go here and click on pics of me goped to see what it looks like
    AIM- culejoe28


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      Nice man!! Very fast.. and yes ada pipes OWN!


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        (Proline Racing)


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          Speed update....

          While riding home from work, Ian ( my nephew) was blowing by cars. This one guy was wide eyed and gave him the 5-0 sign and the BIG thumbs up!

          They both stopped at a light and the guy rolled his window down and was just amazed and said he was doin 50. Ian said "no way man really?" And the guy said "well you were at least going 47"

          Now, we all know that speed testing with a car's speedo isnt accurate, but this gives you the idea. We are catching folks attention.

          As soon as we can we will get my radar gun on it and let you know, but these things have all the beef we could ask for.


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            How much did the kid weigh?
            2001 Metallic Blue Know-Ped(Stock)
            1999 Yellow Bigfoot(Modded)
            2000 Silver Bigfoot(Modded)
            Race Ped: ADA s2, FATboy silencer, H.P. Carb, .675 Ruthless, K&N Pancake, Turbo Cone, Lightened Fender, ADA 3rd Bearing support, Polished fan cover, Chrome pullstart, ADA Big daddy deck, ADA Polished rims, ADA Handle clamp, UMI 20'' Bars, Steel FTG, ADA Juice Box.....On its way!


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              Well Ian isnt a Kid, (25 years old) but he is on the 'ligher side' at 145 lbs ( compared to me at 210 lbs)