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    Lakewood Ranch in Bradenton FL every Sunday. Racing this coming Sunday, March 23rd. Practice from 1pm-2pm, racing at 2pm. Need info? Call Rick: (941)-587-2475 or e-mail at [email protected] See you out there!

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    Check it out:


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      that looks really really fun.
      AiM: Sir Chinkal0t
      Geo X Ped w/ xt pipe, kn filter, hp carb, .750 spindle, and a tank relocator. selling for $500+shipping

      soon to have an x ped...


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        Hey Rick!

        Long time no talk. I have just been so freakin busy with school and track and whatever I havent been able to get out there . So I heard u guys lost Chad? I dunno what to do cause I have an offer on my ped for 420-ish and I need the money to get stuff for my car (movin on up in the toys lol) so I think I ight try and come out tomorrow (4-30) for my maiden race. At one point I was one of the fastest out there, but now with all those bb's and stuff I dunno? TTYL
        Ummmm....... Hi my name is Joe Bob........And I like to go-ped.......Mine has a K&N airfilter, hp carb, bigger manifold, ADA S1, ADA 625 long drive with 3rd bearing, billet X-ped rims, diamond cut billet deck, UMI race bars. I HAVE MY RC NOW!!! Did I mention I live in the Booneys with a sport?


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          I've had this information on for months:

          Can you email me at [email protected] so that we can update the information I have?