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Auburn CA ride, 20min out of Sacraminto, PICS

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  • Auburn CA ride, 20min out of Sacraminto, PICS

    Ok we will all meet at Auburn Elementary School right off of HW 49 at 1100AM on Sunday the 27th of April.

    The Ride will be on secluded roads with very little traffic, you know the ones only the locals know about. Anyways it's all hills and turns, again I want to stress that this will be nothing like the Sacramento Ride because there will be very little traffic. After we head out into the country we will get to a Hill called Baxter Grade.
    It's know by all the Locals as a very windy hill with a gradual but steady incline. It's about 1 1/2 miles to the top with very little traffic. Lots of Trees surround it with grass and a good view, (See Pics. We should race up it a couple of times. It's very fun, Little Bro and I do it about 1 or 2 times a week. There will also be a section during the ride for some Off roading right along side a stream. It's only about 1/2 mile of off roading. The terrain is hard packed dirt, as you approach the end of the off roading it will open up to a small lake, it's pretty fun. Dominic and I ride it all the time. some jumps if you want. Also for those of you who don't want to off road there will also be a leader to take the group that doesn't want to off road a different way and we can all meet up at that spot. We will also ride through Down Town Auburn. Lots of hills, lots of turns. I

    Here is the link to some pics.
    Hope you all can make it.

    (Proline Racing)

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    directions comin soon.
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      loooks pretty fun with those twists and turns!
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        Sorry everyone but the ride has been canceled due to certain circumstances. It is going to be rescheduled for a date after the SF Hill climb.
        Look for the ride to be the weekend after the Hill climb, or possible 2 weeks after the hill climb.

        Thanks and hope you all can make it out then.

        Sorry for the inconvenience: Trevor
        (Proline Racing)