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  • J&J quickie OC ride

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    Dude i would go in a heartbeat, but im Stuck on the East Coast in New Jersey. Oh and BTW Go-Peds have been Declared as "Toys" because they are under 25CC in Southern NJ. This means their legal , but im not sure anout any where i just know where im at cuz theres about 19 f us and the cops now know all of us by our names. so now we laugh and wave when we go past em. Its great being on the giving end.
    2002 Sport with Diamond Plate deck, ADA billet Throttle and brake levers, 5" Monster Tach with shift light" yea, it works too" Billet gas cap, 900. Black Magik Spindle with ADA 3rd Bearing Support, Chrome Fancover, ADA Solid Bead Lock and ADA solid front Rim, Ported Big Bore and 1MM Stroked G230RC, with a Kool Head and an Engine Trix Pipe.