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  • OG Days]Another good oldy. Posted back in 2006. Right before I traded the sbf for the gsr40. I miss my 22.5 tshk . Anywho I’m the dude in the red helmet. I don’t remember the kids name that took this video, but he had a pretty nice camera phone for that time lol. The winner for that race was John from SRE Racing after he overtook the kid that weighed 100 pounds less. Him and Doug from ESP were there testing out the prototype of the pro-flow that day. They increased 600 rpm. They managed to hit 18,000 rpm that day while in the race. They were all spindle peds, except for the stock gsr40. Thought I would share something I consider home movies. Yes it was a PITA. I’m glad I refound it.
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    Much appreciate your work. Thanks


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      Dang, that dude out in front with the hard tire is killin it.
      *******Pedding since '02********


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        Looks to be the lightest one.