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  • The_kelv
    started a topic Exhaust pipe tuning rings?

    Exhaust pipe tuning rings?

    Hey all, I'm working on a super biggie with a full mod + reed G340rc from O'neill Brothers. I have an ADA s1 pipe but maybe considering getting a torque pipe, either sikk toys or the one from gomeyer. The hardware sets come with tuning rings...? I guess they're spacers, has anyone used them? How effective...
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  • Chevron727
    started a topic Mad dog Big Foot Brake Parts

    Mad dog Big Foot Brake Parts

    ISO Just joined the forum an recently picked up a project ped. Pics soon to come really just need the front wheel/brakes configured. I have a stock single fork original big foot but aftermarket wheels. Would like to keep it that way, so hopefully I find the needed bracket along with the Mad dog wheel...
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  • Where to find hardware for my moby bladez frame?

    As is general knowledge the bladez website is trash. I'm wondering if there's another place i can order simple hardware? For example I need some spacers for my belt roller tensioner thingy and an axle for my front wheel. Can i just measure the spacer and order it from a different website? Any input...
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  • Looking for several hard to find parts

    Looking to complete a few builds does anyone have:
    -Polished pps gas cap
    -Very good condition ada 40 pipe
    - very good condition ada forks

    Price is not an issue
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  • Kfoley10
    started a topic Clutch and spindle issue

    Clutch and spindle issue

    I have a big foot with the Ada clutch lockout posi lock and third bearing, my problem is I put the spindle on the clutch and it would come loose while riding. I had it tightened all the way with loctite, the spindle bolt broke off into the outer drum on the clutch. I had bought another drum and spindle...
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  • Kfoley10
    started a topic Another 54mm clutch problem

    Another 54mm clutch problem

    I have had this problem twice now don't know why it is happening. I have a 54mm Ada clutch on a g320 with lockout and thirdbearing for a Bigfoot. I put the spindle on and it rode fine for about 5 minuets then the spindle bolt will break off inside the drum. I had to get a new drum for the clutch and...
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  • Gwiz131
    started a topic WTB: ada Bigfoot pipe mount

    WTB: ada Bigfoot pipe mount

    WTB: ada Bigfoot pipe mount, got a pps pipe I'm looking to put on a sbf that has a clutch
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  • Savage
    started a topic suspension ada fork

    suspension ada fork

    hello i once seen one forsale and would like to get one for my gsr-46r I'm building up. Let me know if you got one or know where to get one they look pretty cool. I am used to a Boxer FS-1 so suspension would make the gsr feel more like what i was used to but of course it'll be way sicker and chain...
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  • Gwiz131
    started a topic 1107 carb

    1107 carb

    Been super busy, still working on projects though. 40s need to be dialed in, hope everyone on here is well.

    Tossing 1107's on my 40s is this a complete list of everything I need to do the job. Wouldn't wana start and have forgotten to order something...Got the av1107b for tsi, 40,...
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  • Gwiz131
    started a topic Few new peds n some mods

    Few new peds n some mods

    Copped a super gsr46r... Threw some clutch saver Springs on it. I hate em... I like the yellow ones better but what options do I have unless I want to burn up clutches on the regular. Tossed ddm bars on it an engine protection bar tank cover, I'm definitely going to get an air filter. I wanted to...
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  • Gwiz131
    started a topic DDM Race Bars

    DDM Race Bars

    just ordered the DDM race bars with the ada cross pad and bars ... how do i wire the kill switch so i still have use of it. I just learned the hard way when replacing all of my cables on my other peds with braided carbon fiber especially the throttle ... the OEM kill has to be sliced out of the cable...
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  • Wtb: TGN XCan QCan or ADA Stalker exhaust

    Does anyone have an x can, q can, or Ada stalker exhaust available?
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  • how to put on ADA billet prowler wheels

    how do I put ADA billet prowler wheels on (hard tire ped) never done it before the read one is a beadlock prowler the front one is regular ... i know im supposed to stamp on them with the rim ..... im afraid of scratching them so i guess ill put a towel inbetween them. what do i use to lubricate the...
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  • JazeoTheGoped
    started a topic ada s1? good pipe?

    ada s1? good pipe?

    i just ordered an ada s1 and was wondering all of your opinions are on it.
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  • FYI for anyone doing a tetra build or skopod build with an ada mount...

    So I called and ordered a new ADA mount directly from ADA a few weeks ago, when it arrived it did not have a shim, I called back and inquired about the missing shim and I was told the design had changed / was revised to not need it any more, now this is probably true if your running a 460 but if your...
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