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bladez x

  • Subie5537
    started a topic Blade Z 450w to gas conversion

    Blade Z 450w to gas conversion

    What's up people! I just scored a blade z scoot for like 20$ and the batteries are dead...I'm pretty handy and I've done other similar projects. Just tryna talk to anyone who has done it on this particular scoot. I have a spare weed wacker I'm gunna take apart but it doesnt look promising. I would like...
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    started a topic Bladez Moby XS33

    Bladez Moby XS33

    Hey guys, I recently picked up a Bladez Moby XS33. It's missing the handlebars, handlebar clamp, controls and throttle/brake cables. The motor looks like the original one that came with the scooter, which is weather seized and missing the carb.

    Does anyone know if a Goped handle bar...
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  • Need some advice on tire/rim selection

    Ok. I need some advice from the knowledgable people here.

    I have a Bladez Moby XS23. I put a bigger piped motor on it and have realized the current gearing is way to quick on accel. Also noticed I need a new rear tire.

    So after 2 days of hunting for a 200x75 tire, I've...
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  • Help! I need an Evo 2x Mech. Phoenix, Az

    New here and am on my 2nd Evo2x. Too much fun and I live to tinker with them however, I'm no Mechanic for sure. Is there anyone out here in AZland that I can get in touch with for some no doubt Tune-up and walk around? Don't mind paying. By The Way! Hello Pedster's I Am Dookie Brown! Caaann Youu Diiig...
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  • Beefymcgangbang
    started a topic Bladez Moby XS23 Transmission

    Bladez Moby XS23 Transmission

    So, this is a question for you serious modders. I currently own a Bladez Moby XS23. It is a single speed WEIRD setup.

    I would like to change to from a dual drum and dual sprocket to just a sprocket setup. It currently has a 23cc that I'm swapping to a 29cc or a 49cc, haven't decided...
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  • Alouiie
    started a topic Bladez Tanaka 47r Comp

    Bladez Tanaka 47r Comp

    Hi I have a bladez 47r comp and I am looking for a pipe that will fit it? Does anyone know anything about this motor and what exhaust will fit it, I can't find one from bladez because they are simply discontinued I also plan to buy a gp460 motor for another build coming up.

    I have about...
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  • Wtb Moby Xl front wheel setup and rear stomp brake.

    Greetings bb. As the title says I'm trying to find the front wheel and rear brake for a Moby xl. I think all I really need for the front is just the wheel with the bearings and hardware, I already have the front brake rotor. Also I'd like to see if I can find the rear brake and bolt to mount it. Let...
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  • bladez35cc
    started a topic Everything BladeZ

    Everything BladeZ

    Everything BladeZ that you didn't know or were to afraid to ask.

    After spending some late night time searching to find any and all info about the belt drive train on the bladez. I thought why isn't there a thread with all the known info about bladez scooters all in one...
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  • california scooter laws??anyone with info

    can someone with real facts on scooter laws.can u guys enlighten me please cuz i was just riding to go see my daughter at a local kaiser hospital and a security guard saw me and came up to me got into my face with his finger pointed straight at me telling me i'm not allowed to ride my ped on private...
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    as the title says.i have a GSR25 with soon to be swapped over to the GP460 engine w/78mm engine mount.ok now for the questions..i recently bought a black magic metal 64 tooth rear sprocket and also installed it since the old one had 84 tooth which to me was to big.i'm more into top speed.anyhow i also...
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  • BOXER951
    started a topic One way to get our gopeds banned smh

    One way to get our gopeds banned smh

    I seen this video from marrtin929 on youtube and was just amazed on how this guy rides his ped irresponsibly and so proud of it that he actually made a video on how to get out gopeds banned from public street riding.i might get bashed on by guys that ride like this daily for posting this but ehh oh...
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  • How more flat tires ever again!

    well i did a well known trick that is used in the bmx bikes and can be used in our gopeds/scooters.all u need is a popped/flat inner tube.must be same size as the tube that u use for your tire.
    here's how i did it.and worked for me.
    installed an innertube liner inside the
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  • Goped gsr-25,26,29 with the gp460 show off your peds

    Anyone who has a goped gsr-25,26,29 with a gp460 swap,share your photos.even show off your gsr40' the torque on the g43l.
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  • Reducing the fleet... goped, tanaka, bladez, bike motor parts friction drive kit

    I have decided to reduce my fleet of 8 scooters down to a more manageable number. I am not sure of value for the scooters so please feel free to make offers. All prices exclude shipping.

    Goped Geo Bigfoot GZ25, runs well, new crank, and rebuild ~ 1year ago. Literally there isn't 2 hours...
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  • Got some questions on a BLADEZ 40 build??

    Hi, I recently bought a bladez xl 40cc and was wondering what I could do to make it go faster. I would be mostly doing road riding and want to be able to go fast on it. It does about 30mph now with just a aftermarket air filter. I don't want to port it. I know I should get a pipe but I live in orange...
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