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  • Gwiz131
    started a topic How to bring extra gas on a ride ?

    How to bring extra gas on a ride ?

    ok... its a stupid question but its not. It happens ... ill use a 1.5 L in one ride .... I dont think its possible to transport gas. so what i would like to know ... i know there are 4 quarts in a gallon but that dosent work out liters wise. How much oil per 1.5 liter tank would i need to bottle...
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  • greenborroco
    started a topic Official Ped Fest 2014 Thread

    Official Ped Fest 2014 Thread

    EDIT - There were several that were wanting to know when and where this gathering was taking place - from what I have read this is what I understand but please post up in this thread if there is any incorrect information or info needs to be added:

    Pedfest 2014 - OCTOBER 24 - 26 (some people...
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  • BlazedZ
    started a topic Running NON-Synthetic??!!

    Running NON-Synthetic??!!

    Since i got my BladeZ, ive been running 50:1 with STIHL synthetic. Well my dad is getting a little annoyed about me using all his chainsaw gas and made me go out and buy my own gas can etc. When i got my scooter i was told to run NOTHING but synthetic mix, so i went to three different stores and was...
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