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  • Goped Super GSR46R For Sale

    Runs and rides great, brand new brakes front and rear as well as sprockets. As many of you already know, these are on back order for months with Goped. Very hard to get. Also comes with a brand new DDA red gas tank cover and a brand new black polished DDM gas cap.

    Asking $1,150
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  • Scoutastic
    started a topic GP460 pipe install guides?

    GP460 pipe install guides?

    Since I'm overly careful with everything I was wondering if there were any decent guides or videos on installing something like a Dominator or Rhino pipe on the 460 'peds? I have a pretty good idea of how things go but it's nice being able to double-check stuff no matter how simple it seems aha. ...
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  • Scoutastic
    started a topic New 'Ped, More Power

    New 'Ped, More Power

    So, I finally got my goped GSR46R in the mail, and dang it's been fun so far. It's only been three days, however, and I'm already thinking of increasing power (specifically low-end, though some top-end sounds just as good). I was thinking of running a JetPro Rhino pipe and maybe some gearing later on...
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  • Gwiz131
    started a topic Few new peds n some mods

    Few new peds n some mods

    Copped a super gsr46r... Threw some clutch saver Springs on it. I hate em... I like the yellow ones better but what options do I have unless I want to burn up clutches on the regular. Tossed ddm bars on it an engine protection bar tank cover, I'm definitely going to get an air filter. I wanted to...
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  • downhillv10
    started a topic Here it is!

    Here it is!

    This is my GSR46R that I have been putting together. I still have a few goodies to go(alky burnin' 460) and a few hub and brake parts But as it seem are they truly ever "done"? LOL!...
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  • GSR46R rebuild help - Warning: Pic Heavy!

    Rebuilding my GSR46R with GP460 previously purchased from Derek Short. It hasn't been ridden in awhile and I'm hoping to get some help figuring out what needs to be replaced before I make an order from DDM. Money is an issue so I'm trying to keep extraneous costs at a minimum while still doing this...
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  • dukes
    started a topic Another gp460 issue..

    Another gp460 issue..

    My gsr46r ran great, but when I went to ride it again it wouldn't start. It's very hard to pull/turn over, and I noticed the front sprocket is locked up. I took the head off, no piston or cylinder wall damage. When manually moving the piston with the head off, it feels like something is binding or sticking...
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  • tuckgray907
    started a topic New goped build.

    New goped build.

    Hey guys. im new here and quite new to the goped scene. i have a evo 2x powerboard and its ok. thats my prime transport. but what i am here for is a little guidance on a build i want to do over the summer. i want to make a decent scooter off of the gsr46r scooter. i was thinking buy a cheap one and...
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  • RhysGittoes
    started a topic Gsr46r cidli kit

    Gsr46r cidli kit

    Hi Guys,
    This is my first post on the forum as I am quite new to Sport Pedding. I've had a 16 year old go ped sport that i've maintained for 5 years now and have finally decided to get an upgrade; the GSR46R. Now I really want to use it off-road in some mountain bike trails but it doesn't have...
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  • BOXER having sprocket alignment issues.need help.

    ok so i recently bought a brand new ddm black magic rear 64t sprocket and for some reason i can't get it to align perfect.i bought a new rear axle cuz mine was bent so i tought that would fix the problem which it did alil moves up and down when i spin the wheel,not sideways so i know it isn't...
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  • One way to get our gopeds banned smh

    I seen this video from marrtin929 on youtube and was just amazed on how this guy rides his ped irresponsibly and so proud of it that he actually made a video on how to get out gopeds banned from public street riding.i might get bashed on by guys that ride like this daily for posting this but ehh oh...
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  • Other spark plug alternatives for the chung yang gp460

    i was looking for better spark plugs to get for my gp460 engine and the only ones that were available on goped sites were regular cheap ngk types.but what about for those who want denso brand,autolite,champion,daytona instead? well here it is..

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  • jon
    started a topic GSR46 Update

    GSR46 Update

    Hey guys. It's been quite awhile since my last post, but I figured I'd give an update to the GSR46R. I exchanged the rear 76 tooth sprocket for a black magic 64 tooth rear sprocket. I also replaced the front sprocket with a 8 tooth sprocket, making my new gearing 8/64. I also added a stinger silencer,...
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  • What's the best silencer for a rattlesnake pipe on a GSR46R (GP460) ?

    What's the best silencer for a rattlesnake pipe on a GSR46R (GP460) ?
    Any suggestions are welcome
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  • pedfun
    started a topic Rattlesnake pipe for Gsr46r

    Rattlesnake pipe for Gsr46r

    hello to everyone
    I am looking for a Rattlesnake pipe for my Gsr46r scooter.
    I am in love with that pipe
    Please let me know where can i buy a new one or a used one ?

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