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  • Trent.myers
    started a topic G230rc running like crap

    G230rc running like crap

    I have a goped superbigfoot with a g230rc engine walbro carb. It is extremely unreliable. when you go to high rpm you can't come down too fast or it will abruptly die and be hard to start again. Its powerband is almost gone to the point I thought the spindle was slipping but it was just had no power....
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  • The_kelv
    started a topic Exhaust pipe tuning rings?

    Exhaust pipe tuning rings?

    Hey all, I'm working on a super biggie with a full mod + reed G340rc from O'neill Brothers. I have an ADA s1 pipe but maybe considering getting a torque pipe, either sikk toys or the one from gomeyer. The hardware sets come with tuning rings...? I guess they're spacers, has anyone used them? How effective...
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  • Westbrook92
    started a topic First GoPed advice plzzzz

    First GoPed advice plzzzz

    Bought my first GO-PED today and was recommended tho this website but anyways to the scooter. The guy I bought it from wasn’t sure what kind it was when I purchased it all he knew was that it was a G23LH engine and that it was 23cc it needs a new drive spindle which he showed me where it was and everything...
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    started a topic Back in the saddle again!

    Back in the saddle again!

    Sup lasses and lads! I have been cruising this forum as a lurker for a little and I'm finally into posting because I plan on getting my ped out of retirement and really going full resto/heavy mod. Many years back I was ripping on a GSR25 and decided 23cc wasn't enough. Got the rattle snake pipe and...
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  • GoPed Electric Scooter ESR750 w/ Brand New Batteries - $920 (Corona del Mar)

    This Electric Go Ped ESR750 is barely used, and has brand new GoPed specific batteries. These scooters retail for $1750. This is a great deal at $920. It has a top speed of over 20mph.

    With all ESR 750 GoPed scooters it requires nothing more than the included charging cord and a power...
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  • Mint Green
    started a topic Help W/ Go-Ped

    Help W/ Go-Ped

    Hey! Just recently I bought a California Goped Sport off a guy on Craigslist for $250. More of an impulse buy than anything as he was pretty up for haggling, and I'm pretty sure I may have overpaid considering the current condition of it. Let's put that aside though, as I now have a Go-Ped regardless...
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  • h0llow
    started a topic Mosquito DX? Helical Gear Cover

    Mosquito DX? Helical Gear Cover

    Hello! I recently aquired what I believe is the Mosquito DX scooter. It needed a lot of work and I fixed most the motor but the muffler. I took it out and a helical gear fell out because I don't have a cover plate. I thought it was all locked in place and wouldn't have to worry but it seems I must buy...
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  • HELP! PLEASE! can anybody tell me how to know the model of my go-ped motor????

    I've been trying to figure it out how to know the model and horse power of the motor of my goped sport but no success, I dont really know that much about this (as you can see)
    I put some pics and see if you guys can tell me
    Thank you so much for your help!...
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  • displayking
    started a topic What was your first GoPed?

    What was your first GoPed?

    Whats up BilletBoard community, you guys all have owned many Gopeds and scooters. From sports to gsrs, Stock and modded. We love to see the 10 hp+ engines and chrome plated pipes and billet blinged scooters.

    But we all had to start somewhere right?

    What was your first...
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  • displayking
    started a topic Rare Slide Tube?

    Rare Slide Tube?

    I was out for with my friends today, one of my friends was riding a Goped ESR750 Hoverboard. I noticed thathis slide tube had a different sticker. Its said "Hoverboard II" or "Hoverboard 2". Are these rare?
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  • displayking
    started a topic Goped Push Scooters

    Goped Push Scooters

    This isn't a Wtb thread but I am looking to buy a push scooter from Goped. They have the kicker, grow ped and know ped. What should I go with. I'm 5'9 and weigh 150.
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  • displayking
    started a topic Goped Sport Suspension

    Goped Sport Suspension

    Is there any form of front suspension for a hard tire ped? As in the form of like a front fork?
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  • Chinese scooter redemption.. from broke to gold.

    Bought this at a pawn shop for $125, Frame was busted in half , no brake caliper , The handle bar post was shattered , wouldn't idle or work for nothing. Missing fender ,missing engine plastics and rigged up like a game of mouse trap with half the parts missing lol. Here we go i said ,i finally got...
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    as the title says.i have a GSR25 with soon to be swapped over to the GP460 engine w/78mm engine mount.ok now for the questions..i recently bought a black magic metal 64 tooth rear sprocket and also installed it since the old one had 84 tooth which to me was to big.i'm more into top speed.anyhow i also...
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  • Other spark plug alternatives for the chung yang gp460

    i was looking for better spark plugs to get for my gp460 engine and the only ones that were available on goped sites were regular cheap ngk types.but what about for those who want denso brand,autolite,champion,daytona instead? well here it is..

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