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  • Please help me with my goped sport

    Please any help would be highly appreciated I am very new to the GoPeds I always wanted one I finally got my first one I'm so excited! I have what I believe is a goped sport with the g23lh motor stock as of right now. The guy I purchased it from said last time he messed with it that it ran fine which...
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  • Super MXPed
    started a topic Fun Super sport/Xped build

    Fun Super sport/Xped build

    After a 5 year hiatus Goped has called me back.. I built a nice super xped with all the goodies in 2016.
    F270 w/ ada head kit, raw jetpro rc pipe, powder coated pearl white xped frame, carbon fiber deck, mico suspension forks, rancho race clamp, ada bars, Hollywood scoop, ddm billet AF, billet...
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  • GopedLTD.
    started a topic New Goped Rider

    New Goped Rider

    Hi guys(and girls) I am a 15 year old Goped rider from L.A. I bought my first goped on August 2020, a 2020 goped GSR sport. I really love it and I rode it almost every day. I saved 950$ from work at my school making 200$ a month and I finally bought it! i was so excited and I broke it in. A few months...
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  • Newb
    started a topic New to Gopeds, odd issues, please help!

    New to Gopeds, odd issues, please help!

    Hi all,

    I recently bought a pre-owned goped sport that sat for many years. It has the zenoah g23lh engine, walbro 167 carb, high flow air filter, and a high performance muffler.

    I cleaned the carb, replaced the fuel lines, cleaned the air filter, and changed the spark plug....
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  • armyguns
    started a topic Trying to restore two Go-Peds

    Trying to restore two Go-Peds

    I have two completely original California Go-Peds, with Geo-Sport stickers. They appear identical except for color (red vs blue) and a minor difference in the air filter housings. Both have the GZ25N14 engines, with Walbro WYA-5 carbs. Both have the Mach 12 plastic rims with 2.5 x 6 solid tires. Both...
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  • New to BB, heres my new (used) GoPed Sport!

    Just got back into GoPeds, I used to be on Goped Nation, but apparently it doesn't exist anymore lol. Anyway my first time owning a Sport so I don't know too much about them but this one I just picked up looks really clean and I couldn't pass it up! Just ordered a new spark plug, cone filter kit, new...
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  • G2D weird whining sound and Flywheel Stuck On

    Hello everyone. I have an old goped sport that my uncle gave me when i was like 8 years old. My dad and i got it running then, but he deemed it too unsafe for me (for good reason too ). Anyway, it sat for a long time, then i took it out just under a year ago (now 16 years old, a bit better age...
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  • rudy068
    started a topic What is gopeds next move?

    What is gopeds next move?

    Im just curious I know that they are moving but does anyone here have any scoop what's their next move. Do they have any new plans as far as new products?
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  • Beau Stapley
    started a topic Looking for Engine Trix Parts

    Looking for Engine Trix Parts

    Looking for any Engine Trix go-ped (sport) parts to fix/rebuild my old one. If anyone could hook me up it would be greatly appreciated. My father was the founder of Engine Trix and i want to have a go-ped of mostly Engine Trix parts. I know they are such a rare commodity now but any parts anyone is...
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  • Idagoped
    started a topic WTB/WTT gsr roller!

    WTB/WTT gsr roller!

    Hey guys, anybody have an old gsr roller they would be willing to part with? Bare minimum frame and brake setup with wheels. Have been riding hard tire / spindle drive scooters for just about 2 years now, and being 6'2" 200+ lbs. I figured it was time to build a big boy scooter.haha
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  • Very Touchy Hardtire Front Brakes

    Hey guys, its been a while since I posted something.

    I have started to notice that on my hardtire models with the stock front brakes that they can be very touch and sensitive when it comes to braking. What I mean is when you start to pull the brake lever, there is no stopping until the...
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  • Gwiz131
    started a topic Few new peds n some mods

    Few new peds n some mods

    Copped a super gsr46r... Threw some clutch saver Springs on it. I hate em... I like the yellow ones better but what options do I have unless I want to burn up clutches on the regular. Tossed ddm bars on it an engine protection bar tank cover, I'm definitely going to get an air filter. I wanted to...
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  • Gwiz131
    started a topic Size of bars?

    Size of bars?

    I woukd like to put a full set of ddm race bars on my trail ripper. I would like to take the bars from the ripper and put them on my sport. Is this possible? And what I will I need. I would assume to make the trail ripper bars work on the sport a lower riser pole would be necessaey and I can use...
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  • Gwiz131
    started a topic ADA S1 pipe on sport

    ADA S1 pipe on sport

    I have put a pipe on a sport before, a sikk toys. Ended up wobbly and rusted by the mount. Is there an ideal way to install a pipe on a sport to get minimal wobble and minimal rust (3m double sided behind the bracket to prevent rust maybe?) want the ADA s1 install to come out mint.
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  • FS Goped GSR Sport SUPER CLEAN

    FS GSR Sport. super clean, GPL290 motor, all stock except for a v stack and filter, also has zenoah exhaust. 600 obo. just trying out the waters. open to offers, and also trades for gsr40/46 that need work. Local Pickup only!!!!! Located in the East Bay Area....
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